Inside Look at the First Home Football Game of the Year

October 13, 2017

This year, the class of 2018 had their last first home football game of the 2017 – 2018 year. The game was against the Blaine Borderites, and there were many reasons to be excited about the home football game: the High School’s brand new large screen, the band’s brand new uniforms, and people’s first glance at this years football team and how they will perform this year.

   The school day before the game, a few football players had some things they wanted to share before they hit the field and played the Borderites.

   Davis Mahalich, who plays safety and receiver as well as quarterback said that he feels, “confident and excited, and for the rest of the season, we [The football team] has got a lot to look forward too.”

   Jordan Kinser, who plays linebacker and tight end said that he, “felt pretty good, I think that we are definitely gonna kick some butt tonight, and Blaine, don’t get me wrong, is a pretty great team, but I think we might be a little bit better.”

   The Cubs were ready to hit the turf, and they played one hell of a game for all of us watching with a final score of 42 – 7. When the game was just about to enter halftime, the Cubs were leading the game 35 – 0.

   Ben Wilkerson, a senior at Sedro-Woolley High School said this made him feel, “Woooooooooooooooo,” and Riley Gamson, the Senior Class President reported that the game, “Makes me feel good about our school and our football team”

   Not only were the football players outstanding, but the Cheerleaders were amazing as well. Gamson stated that, “he hasn’t really met any of the new cheerleaders, but he thinks that they did a really good job.”

   At half-time, Taylor Manning, ASB President and a new SWHS cheerleader felt the team was, “doing great, everything is just so much fun and the spirit section is awesome, and we’re winning, so yay.” Although Manning was having a blast during halftime,  she was not the only cheerleader excited about the game. Cheerleader Julia Layland, said “Awesome! We are 35 to zero right now!” Dylan Carpenter, another cheerleader, felt super pumped, and was hoping for, “a lot more touchdowns.”

   Not only was halftime so exciting because of the amazing game taking place, but the band was pumping up the players and the crowd at the football game as they always do. Christian Morely says that the secret to the band sounding so perfect at every football game is the how the football team plays. “If the games good, we do good. It’s the motivation.”

   Senior Amberly Jennings, another proud band member, who also happens to be one of our school board reps states that she felt pretty tired, but she says she was, “really happy with how the halftime show went, about the energy that’s coming of the band, and the spirit section and the audience, everyone is just really invigorating and just awesome. We’re kicking butt, it’s honestly been a really good first game.”

   With three minutes and forty-three seconds left on the clock, with a score of 42 – 0 Cubs, Energy was floating through the air. Sophomore Trinity Luchi says that she was, “Feeling Pumped.” Sophomore Ryan Litke says that he was ,“feeling like… OH YEAH.”

   With the end of the first home football game came a feeling of satisfaction for many. Lot’s of people don’t get to say that their final first home football game ended 42 – 7. Also, after the game, the fun had only just begun, because there was a pep dance following immediately after. The first home game was a major success. The crowd was amazing, the athletes were outstanding, and there was so much cub pride and spirit in the air, it was unbelievable. The football team is currently 3 – 3, but they are 2 – 1 in the league. There are high hopes for the team this year, and many players believe they have a chance to be State Champions this football season.

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