Backdoor to “Stage Door”



   The week before thanksgiving, Sedro-Woolley High School did a play called “Stage Door.”

    “The play was essentially about like, a bunch of girls all living in a house and trying to be in theatre,” says freshman Sarah Perkes. “There was a lot of subplot but the main thing was basically the people going through their lives in theatre.”

    This play seemed to be an all time success, except the lack of action.

    “Turns out it was originally a radio play. I didn’t know that,” says Amy Gregory, the drama teacher. Radio drama is the art of performing stories or full on musicals over the radio.  “When we did it on stage there wasn’t a whole lot to watch so we gave it- we had to put in more action and take out a lot of the talking,” says Gregory. They had little problems with it, but the performance ended up being pretty great.


 “It was beautiful and they made their characters their own it was cool,” said Gregory.

The set of stage door was very detailed and thought out.  


“It was a lot more life like, it looked more like a room than it did a playset,” says senior, Maria Gallegos.


    The drama department took a simple radio play and put life into it, they made it their own. They added action and emotion to the characters.   


But is it as easy as it looks?

    “At one point my character had to scream, but like, I couldn’t do it because I’m so quiet,” Perkes says, talking about her struggles with the play. “Acting isn’t easy-the more you put into-the further you work, the easier it is on stage,” Gregory says, giving acting advice.  

   “Rehearsals are not always fun, but the performances should be,” Gregory says. Although is was a radio play, we have our own stars lighting up the stage here at our high school.