Bath Bomb Craze

Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs

Bianca Serrano

Bath bombs have exploded on the internet and in your bathtub. Teenagers all over the world have become obsessed with these fizzy balls of aroma.

The bombs are placed within your bathtub, once subjected to the hot water, they fizz up.The bombs release a delightful scent that fills your nose and beautiful colors into the water, and provide entertainment to the individual.

“They’re fun to play with and they’re so relaxing” stated Mackenzie Grimm, a freshman at Sedro-Woolley High School, “I absolutely love them, I’ve bought so many”.

The bath bombs cost an average of $5.00 per bomb. You can buy them at Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, or several other carriers. The fun bathroom accessory has actually become a challenge on Youtube.

Youtuber Joey Graceffa was one of the first to do this challenge. Graceffa bought 34 bath bombs from Lush, and placed them all in a bath at the same time. The bath bombs overfilled the tub with scents and fizz. He rolled over the tub and onto the tile floor. Joey sparked a new challenge on Youtube and it became viral.

“I’ve seen so many videos of bath bombs on Youtube, they became very popular,” said Gracie Wesson, SWHS fresham.

We all have stressful days when we just need to take a bath and relax. Bath bombs are a great way to decompress.

“They are so relaxing and make me want to take a ton of baths,” stated SWHS freshman Sabrina Daniels.