SWHS Band Participates in Day of Precussion


High school bands pose for a picture by one of Western Washington University’s many art sculptures. Courtesy of SWHS Band.

Grace Klaus, Reporter

Percussion; hitting things with sticks, smacking pans together, drumming your fingers on the table, or basically anything solid that you can hit with another solid. Yeah that’s percussion for you.
On April 14, the Sedro-Woolley High School percussion ensemble went to Western Washington University for the annual Day of Percussion. The day started out with all of the percussion ensembles performing, and then after a clinic and a short lunch, the drum line played some cadences outside in the rain with the drumline equipment.
There were multiple other schools including Mount Vernon High School, Burlington-Edison High School, Wenatchee High School, Cascade High School, Bellingham High School, Squalicum High School, and others as well.
Sedro-Woolley was lucky enough to get the first spot of the day, which gave them the opportunity to sit back and relax as they watch the rest of the performances.
Lou Piotto, a senior cymbal player for the ensemble stated, “the performance went pretty well. I think it helped that we performed first.”  There also happened to be a guest composer/musician who goes by the name Josh Gottery there at the event to help give advice to all of the groups. Sedro-Woolley happened to be the only group to perform any of his pieces.
Ethan Beierle, a junior quads player in the ensemble stated, “It was scary because he knew that music better than anyone else and he can tell if you make even one mistake.”
After all the performances, Josh Gottry had done a clinic about an instrument called the vibraphone, and during the clinic they have tables with a bunch of items you can keep and a raffle drawing for free gift bags.
Katie Snodgrass, a freshman snare player in the ensemble stated, “[it]was tons of fun, especially getting all the free stuff which is always my favorite.”
Finally the end of the day came and everyone’s favorite part…Drumline! All the school gathered in a giant circle just outside of the performance hall on campus and played their hearts out through their drumline performances.
To Betty Newcomb, a junior cymbal player in the ensemble, “Drumline performances are always my favorite part – so much energy!”
This was Snodgrass’ first year. She still has three more opportunities to go to this event. She said that she is, “super excited for the next three years because there will be new people in our drum line which might be fun and to play so many new pieces will definitely be fun.”