Celebration to Recognize Students of Sedro-Woolley High School


Victoria Arquitt, Photography Editor

On Tuesday, May 22nd, Sedro-Woolley High School celebrated clubs and sports in a recognition assembly. With the many clubs and sport programs within the school, the idea was to announce their achievements.

The assembly organizers had each club  and sport choose two students to represent their activity and those representatives participated in a trivia game showcased to the entire high school. Margo Callis and incoming student body president Zach Canapo hosted the event.  They asked questions such as “What lake will Hiking Club be traveling too?” or “Where was the World Robotics  Competition?” If a team answered a question right, they could advance to the relay round.

During the relay round, the teams faced the mummy challenge where one partner had to wrap the other partner up with toilet paper efficiently and quickly.  The assembly ended featuring the performance of this years boy band dance.