Allen Hurns injured during football game against Seattle Seahawks

Alex Vega, Reporter

On January 5th 2019, the Dallas Cowboys faced the Seattle Seahawks for the wildcard game. The Dallas Cowboys took the win with a score of (24-22) which they will now go to Los Angeles to face the Rams. They managed to stop the Seattle defense late in the 4th quarter.

  With only seven minutes left in the first quarter Dallas Cowboy Wide Receiver, Allen Hurns, suffered a gruesome ankle injury on a 14 yard catch by Safety Brandon McDougal.

  Immediately after the catch, Allen Hurns was seen laying down on his stomach with his left foot pointing the wrong direction. During the play, you were able to see his ankle completely dislocate and you were able to hear it.

  “You could hear it crunch and you could see his leg and foot just completely disconnect,” said Daniel Macedo, a 2006 graduate from Sedro-Woolley High School.

  Surrounding players from both teams quickly moved out the way to let the medical staff examine Hurns on the field and treat him. The game was stopped for around 10 minutes before cameras showed all the players on the field going to pay their respects before Hurns was carried off the field. When being pulled away he lifted his fist to the crowd, which drew a huge cheer.

  “It’s just terrible man, it’s just gross,” said Chris Spencer, Dean of Students. “I’ve seen some things like that and it’s just horrible”

  Allen Hurns went straight into surgery immediately after departing AT&T stadium. Teammate Amari Cooper in a post-game interview spoke about the injury saying “It’s devastating.”

  The Dallas Cowboys then went on to Los Angeles a week later to face the Rams, the team played without Hurns and unfortunately lost by 8 points (30-22).

  This was Hurns’ first year as a Cowboy, he was drafted mid 2018 and had a good season. Hurns signed a two-year contract with the Cowboys in the Offseason, and in the 2018 season had a total of 20 receptions for 209 yards and two touchdowns. In this game he had only one reception of 14 yards in which he got injured. He’s expected to return in August of 2019.

   Football is unpredictable, injuries like this occur all the time, some in which the players return and some where the players never come back. It’s not just football, it’s every sport. Injuries are heartbreaking and very unpredictable for they can happen at any given time.