Triple Threat Athlete Brent VanderVeen


Carson Lomsdalen

Sedro-Woolley High School junior Brent Vanderveen proves to be a powerful addition to the team, no matter what sport he’s playing.

Avery Wagner, reporter

Brent Vanderveen, Junior at Sedro-Woolley High School, takes on the triple threat student athlete lifestyle and the challenges it entails.

Cub staff
Brent Vanderveen takes the baton from Trevor Bryant at Wednesday’s meet at Civic Field

Starting his high school career, VanderVeen participated in football, basketball, and baseball and this trend continued until this year when, after dominating football in the fall, he decided to take the winter season off and switch from baseball to track for his spring sport.

“It was a big year to focus on my main sport, football,” said Vanderveen.

As to making the drastic switch from the diamond to the track, VanderVeen believes that his injuries can’t hold him back from his love for sports.

“I hurt my arm my freshman year in baseball and decided if I was going to focus on football, it wouldn’t be the best to continue. I miss the guys, though.”

Through this switch, VanderVeen still stays busy juggling athletics and academics, but seems to make time for friends and family.
With having practices during the week and games on the weekend, any student would struggle with a social life, but Vanderveen mentions that because of this, he knows that the friends who are willing to work around his busy schedule are his true friends.

“They’re really great friends. A lot of them I met through sports and they just understand that sports are sports, and that’s my life,” said VanderVeen.
With such big goals one must refer to the statistics. The road to becoming a college athlete is long and narrow according to The odds of moving past high school football into any division are 12:1 while the odds of playing in NCAA division 1 are up to 39:1.

The knowledge of these statistics is looming over VanderVeen, but he chooses to use this information to push him. Friends of Vanderveen see this drive and because of this feel confident with him on their team.

Former teammate and senior this year Juan Chavez played alongside Vanderveen. “Knowing he was on the field with us playing, I really think brought a sense of security and relief to the team. It really made me feel like he would do his job which is a nice feeling.”

VanderVeen stands out as a hardworking athlete respected by many as he enters his 2019 track season, competing in the 300m hurdles, high jump, and the 4×4 relay.