Music Night At The Woolley Market


Courtney Bawden

Locals dance and listen to the Westbound Coyote String Band perform.

Courtney Bawden, Editor

On a Thursday night, the strum of a guitar and the vocals of a band member explode from inside the market as people walked in. A crowded room, tapped their feet to the beat and nodded their heads to the rhythm. The smell of freshly brewed beer filled the room in the all ages venue.

  Every Monday and Thursday, the Woolley Market specializes in small concerts and music nights. On May 2nd, the Westbound Coyote String Band played a couple of bluegrass songs for everyone to sing and dance to.    

  Steven Marrinier, a member of the Road Ramblers Production label, and Woolley Market  said: “We wanted to give a venue for everyone in the valley.”

   Marrinier also participates in music nights by playing acoustic guitar and singing.

  Starting on March 23, the RRP’s goal is to put a spotlight on Sedro-Woolley and invite bands or musicians from all across the country to come and play on the Cedar Stage. The RRP consists of Jasan Winship, Steven Marinnier, Mi-Kel/ Garret, Micah Evans, Clay Christoferson and Chris Fish.

  Experiencing different types of music from all over the country is truly amazing, especially when it is displayed right in front for all to see. The RRP is not only inviting just bands, they are also encouraging musicians 21 years old and younger to come and play on the Cedar Stage.

 “When I was younger I helped with multiple youth music venues and now there’s nothing… so to do something that brought me so much joy and to give back in that way is just something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Fish. Singing, playing acoustic guitar and playing the drums are some of Fish’s musical talents.

     All of last summer, Marriner and Fish had talked about having their own label and growing a music/ sub-culture in the valley. Since then, their dream has come true, making the Woolley Market a go-to place for entertainment.

  “We all have our strengths we bring to the table and I couldn’t be happier with our team, and to be able to work with the Woolley Market to not only do something in the music scene, but also do something for the community,” said Fish.

  So, look out this fall for Saturday night performances if you know someone who would like to perform, please contact and they will respond!