Russell Wilson Signs Million Dollar Contract

Abraham Cardenas, Reporter

The Seattle Seahawks just signed starting quarterback Russell Wilson to a four-year, $140 million dollar contract extension. The thing that makes Wilson’s contact so large is that he cannot be traded to another team. He also got a signing bonus of $65 million dollars when the contract is fully active.

Now because of Wilson’s new contract, Seattle’s defensive-End, Frank Clark, had to be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, who were top contenders for the Superbowl last year. Some people are saying this could just add on to the super team that is the Kansas City Chiefs.Now the question everybody is asking is who else will they lose with Wilson’s new contract coming into play? Many predict Bobby Wagner might have to leave for wanting to be a higher paid player.

Wilson made a beneficial decision with his contract. After signing his contract, Wilson gave each lineman on the roster $12 thousand dollars worth of stock in Amazon to set them up for their futures, which all together cost him $120 thousand dollars. Even with the linemen ranking 29 out of 32, and one of these lineman getting most penalties in the team last year, Wilson still praised them for their “hard work.” Russel Wilson will now be under contract with the Seattle Seahawks through the year 2019.