Senior Track Comes to an End


Cub Staff Member

Senior Peyton Simpson participates in track event.

Crystal Martin, Reporter

As Track comes to a close the senior players are extremely sad to be finishing their last year with the sport they love and the friends they have made throughout the years. Senior Payton Simpson said her favorite part about track is, “Being able to bond with my team and creating lasting friendships.”

  Payton Simpson has been doing Track since seventh grade. She has participated in various events but this year she stuck with long jump, triple jump, and hurdles which are also her favorite events.

  Both Payton Simpson and senior Maren Mihelich went to state this year. Simpson went to state for triple jump while, Mihelich went to state for shot put. When asked how it felt to go to state Mihelich said, “It was very rewarding to go to state with so many members of my team. I was so proud of us for sending so many people.”

  As their years of participating in Track came to a close seniors Dayna Sumrall and Maren Mihalic were sad to say goodbye. “I was so sad after my last meet, since I was in the High School track for four years,” said Sumrall. Mihelich said, “This was the best season yet, and I am so thankful for the people that made my last year so memorable. It has been an amazing four years and I will cherish my track memories forever.”

  Going to state was a very rewarding last track experience for these seniors.