Hong Kong Violence Leaves America Questioning Involvement

Dru Hernandez

Hong Kong and China have been fighting over an extradition bill which basically allows China to take out a person suspected of a crime onto mainland China. Hong Kong citizens are afraid China will treat Hong Kong citizens harshly. They have been protesting for almost 5 months because they see it as an unfair justice system. In recent weeks, those protests have grown violent.
Anna Melnick and Brett Anderson, two teachers at Sedro-Woolley high school, spoke on their thoughts on the situation.
People are divided whether or not the U.S. should help or intervene in any way in this situation, do you think we should?
“No! They should do nothing because our economy is dependent upon trade with china. If you step in and do something then china will retaliate against us,”said Brett Anderson, a social studies teacher at SWHS. “However, if you’re gonna advertise yourself as the leaders of the free world, people are gonna expect you to do something, but if you do something be prepared to have China do something in retaliation,”
Social studies teacher Anna Melnick, on the other hand, suggests that if the U.S. were to intervene it should be a conference between China’s leaders and the United States leaders. She also states that we should keep Hong Kong as a democratic city, but use a non force solution.
“I think if it got to a point where it is violating human rights for trade reasons and economic reasons, we would want to keep Hong Kong open and free, but I don’t think we should like send troops or anything like that. I think it should be more of a discourse between leaders,” said Melnick.
Many people wonder if protests around the world can or can’t affect the rest of the world and what it might do to us if the situation were to escalate.
Anderson’s opinion on this situation is that he believes it won’t affect the world. Anderson says that since young people are eventually going to be in charge, there is no stopping change no matter if there are protest or not.
“No, I think people have been fighting, protesting for a better life forever, and you know because of technology people like being free. People want to express themselves. Governments know this. So, is it going to have some far reaching implications? I don’t think so, I think as young people start to become of the age where they can be a part of the government ,I think you’re going to get a change just because your going to get young people at some point being in charge, so I think change is going to happen regardless of any protest movement that happens right now,” said Anderson.
Anna Melnick argues that this can and will affect the world as she also states that it can impact globally.
“I think it could affect the world globally because China is such a huge part of the world in trade. It has such a huge economy and they work with almost every country around the world through business and I think this could eventually lead to some unfortunate problems with other countries both politically and economically.,’ Melnick said.