Freshmen Adjust to Power Hour Schedule

Ashlyn Booth

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New school, new schedule. Like every other year, the freshman class has had to adjust to the Power Hour schedule at Sedro-Woolley High School.
Power Hour was introduced three years ago and is the hour, including lunch, when students have a chance to make an academic choice on where they go. With this choice, there can be many positive opportunities.
Freshman student, Delanie Booth said she likes the extra time it gives her. “I like that power hour gives me extra time to do homework and catch up in my classes,” said Booth.
On the other hand, some students have some mixed feelings about power hour.
“I don’t like that I have to go to boring classes sometimes,” said freshman Kendall Andrews.
This can be because of many reasons, but there are many choices other than classes, such as clubs or open gym.
“I choose where I go depending on my grades and what I need help in,” said freshman Ky Lane.
Shifting to a new schedule and having power hour can also have its challenges such as time management.
“A challenge I have with power hour is I can’t be in two classes at once,” said Lane.
Overall, the freshmen seem to be enjoying and using Power Hour, but Power Hour is a privilege. If students don’t use Power Hour wisely it could be taken away.
Students who neglect attending a class and instead take two 30 minute lunches are jeopardizing Power Hour. If problems with attendance during lunch continue, it is likely that SWHS will return to and A and B lunch schedule.