Old Bowling Alley to be Revived


   Living in a small town like Sedro-Woolley does not give high schoolers a lot of entertainment options. Unless they feel like driving to nearby towns, there’s not much to do. Kelsy Rising and Shannon Tolbert have been remodeling the old bowling alley on Metcalf St, possibly giving new activity choices to students and residents in Sedro-Woolley.

   Rising and Tolbert, with help from a volunteer labor force, have spent months renovating the bowling alley for the people of Sedro and neighboring towns. Now the question is, will students find this new activity fun?

   “I think it gives youth in the community something to do, ” said junior Emma Hoboy. “That’s the problem with living in a small town, there’s not much to do,”

   Most students are happy to have something so close to the school that can be fun or entertaining. 

   Jacob Lennox, a Senior and an avid bowler, was asked if he was excited for the new bowling alley. “I am because there’s more local opportunities to bowl,” he said.

   Although a lot of people think of bowling as just a fun activity to play on the weekend, competitive bowling exists and may have an effect in our school. Could a bowling alley near the school possibly start a club or league?

   “I feel more students think of it as recreational rather than competitively,” said Lennox. 

“I feel like having one close by, it’s like having more opportunity to get something started in the school.”

   Numerous students seem to be thrilled to have some sort of local amusement.

  “I’m elated that there’s now a place where people can go and just do something in    town and not have to drive to Burlington and other towns,” said Hoboy.

   Something close by is a life saver for kids that don’t have a car and a way to travel far.                           

    “It’s really nice because I am walking distance to that part of the town and can easily get to the bowling alley without having to drive,” said Freshman Elijah Hoch. 

   Overall, students seem to be pretty excited to get down to the bowling alley and start bowling.   

   “Oh yeah, I’m super excited for the new bowling alley,” said Hoch

The old bowling alley will be open to the public soon. After a community effort, one of Sedro-Woolley’s biggest attractions will be coming back