Movie Review: Frozen 2

Lex Wysong

Back in 2013, Disney’s hit movie Frozen came out and took the media by storm.

  There was a landslide of toys and merchandise for the next couple of years. It seemed that the world would never be able to rid itself of the Frozen mania.

   And now the storm has come again. Disney’s newest movie was announced earlier this year, Frozen 2, which released Nov. 22.

  Before the movie was released, some of the students and staff of Sedro-Woolley High School answered questions and made predictions.

   “I’m not very happy about it because I feel it’s more of a cash grab,” said senior Asia McDermott.

   Not everyone agrees that the sequel is nothing more than an attempt to revive the Frozen market though. Ayden Waldrip, also a senior, answered as well, saying, “I feel like a lot of kids are really going to enjoy it.”

   SWHS Choir teacher Poul Brask has a strong opinion on the score and how it will compare to the first movie. “I definitely think that any sequel has a challenge to try and match the success of the first movie,” said Brask. 

SWHS drama teacher Amy Gregory went and watched the movie when it was released. “It is a very Disney story, but they did a really good job,” Gregory said.