Movie Review: Midway

Logan Gustafson

Right in the middle of WWII, six months after Pearl Harbor, on Jun. 4, 1942, the Naval Base on Midway was attacked. To commemorate this battle, 77 years later, director Roland Emmerich decided to recreate the battle and the lead up to it in a movie that has just hit theaters. 

   The movie Midway Is a story about the pilots and commanders involved in the Battle of Midway.

    “They attempted to stay very accurate to History,” said Sedro-Woolley High School history teacher Tom Rawlings, who has read about the movie but not yet seen it. 

  The Battle of Midway was one of the most important battles for America in World War II. “Previous to Midway the Japanese were winning the war and this was the turning point for the Americans to start winning,” said junior Ethan Fish. 

   After Pearl Harbor and the Battle of the Coral Sea, America had suffered major losses in the Pacific and needed a major victory. The movie, outside of some theatrical dramatization, very accurately followed the story of Midway.

   Some can’t help but wonder why a movie is being made about this event now, with no major anniversaries coming up. 

   “With politics seriously dividing the country right now, maybe a good World War II movie will bring Americans together,” said Brett Anderson. Midway, since release has grossed $ 118.2 million all over the world.