20 years of tradition for the Loggerodeo Team

Shyann Sterling

The Sedro-Woolley High School’s Logge Rodeo FFA team took first place on February 8, giving them a 20-year streak of taking first place that they don’t intend on giving up.
“There were like 50 of us, and the other schools only had 10 or 25,” said Michael Johnson, a freshman and first-time participant on the Sedro-Woolley Logger Rodeo team. The team felt that this gave them more of an advantage against the other teams.
“We are all like a family,” said Johnson. “No one puts anyone down. It doesn’t matter if they’re a senior or a freshman that is just starting. Everyone cheers each other on and gives them tips”
Members say the FFA team is a good place to go if you are looking for good friends and a good time. Other members of this team make sure everyone feels welcome and supports them.
“Everyones nice to each other and even towards other schools,” said Johnson
Johnson believes the Sedro-Woolley team has something special that sets them apart.
“Size and grit. We are determined to keep that streak alive and pass it on,” said Johnson.