Senioritis Hits Sedro-Woolley High School

Devon Hoagland, Reporter

The annual plague of senioritis has made its appearance again. This time it affects the senior class of 2018, but what is senioritis?
“Senioritis? I think it means that seniors are at the point where they are ready to leave. Doing stuff such as homework, knowing that it’s closing to the time where we’re all about to graduate,” said Giselle Flores, a senior at Sedro-Woolley High School.
“I’ve heard this term from my sophomore history teacher, right. When I heard it, I was like, that’s bullsh**, alright, there’s no such thing as senioritis.” said senior Isaac Hopkins, a student who has, unfortunately, become a victim of senioritis.
“My last few months as a senior, I’m like a person getting hit by a car in an intersection, and that car is senioritis,” said Hopkins. When senioritis hits, it hits hard.
“Symptoms include a lack of motivation, strong disobedience towards authority. Slacking off in all subjects,” said senior Doug Sloan. But there must be a way to not get it, right? “You get it by being a senior. There is no way around it,” said Sloan.
So how do you stay focused? Studies have shown that sticking your thumb onto your phone will distract you. To not be distracted by your phone simply put it in your bag or leave it in your car. You could make some goals, other than graduating on time. Students could instead focus on the little pieces. Study for that test in that one class that students have. and then the next one after that. Eventually all these pieces will begin to form the finished project that is a diploma.