The Dark Truth About The 9th Annual Sedro-Woolley High School Lip Dub

Madisun, Editor

School spirit – an elusive concept that no one can really wrap their head around. We all want to believe that we will look back and fondly remember our blue and white pride, but the incident following the 9th annual SWHS Lip Dub has brought the shocking truth about school spirit into the light.

  Nine years of tradition is at stake. The Lip Dub, posted on Youtube shortly after filming took place on Friday, May 18, was mysteriously removed the following Monday. It was later revealed that organizer of the event, Steve McCartt, had no choice but to remove the video due to multiple obscenities found by students in the final product. Planning for the annual event begins early on in the school year, and unlike most of the other school events, the Lip Dub occurs during school hours and is free to attend, making it available to all students.

  An edited version of the original has been posted by McCartt, so the public is once again able to watch the official Lip Dub. However, since the video has been edited to make it ‘clean,’ it can no longer be entered in any contests or receive any awards.

  It’s easy to dismiss this foul play as teenage antics, even if it does severely impact SWHS’ reputation. Something even more disturbing still was a remix of the video posted only one day after the original was uploaded. The second version kept the original video, but overlaid different songs over the images. The video began with “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, a song about shooting up a school. Incidentally three school shootings took place in America the week the video was posted. The second song was the opening theme to the kid’s show “Little Einsteins” –  It wasn’t funny when people sang it back in middle school and it is definitely not funny now. The next song was “Gummo” by rapper 6ix9ine, which includes a slew of words deemed inappropriate for school. The video concluded with the brand new release “This Is America” by Childish Gambino, which sparked a national conversation about both social and political issues, central to which is gun violence..

  I guess in a weird way the “SWHS lip dub 2018 remix” is Sedro-Woolley’s “This Is America.” Some people praise it and think that the connections in the video line up in a way that makes the uploader a genius, some people think it’s legitimately funny and see it as nothing more than a harmless joke, some are really upset and find the whole situation disturbing, and some people just don’t care. Disciplinary measures have been taken against the students who tarnished the original video, but the uploader of the remix is still at large.

  School spirit is strange. somewhere along the way it became ‘cool’ to not have school spirit, now it’s ‘cool’ to have nothing. Where was I the day the Lip Dub was filmed? Not contributing in any way, negative or positive, having no impact whatsoever. I don’t know if the recent events have changed how I feel about school spirit at all, probably not. I do know that the kids that enjoy lip syncing in front of a camera should be able to do so without worrying about wanna be anarchists throwing up signs for a gang they’re definitely not in.

  The shocking truth about school spirit is that everyone has their own truth. The students that sport blue and white to every football game probably feel much differently about SWHS than the students that stay away from anything that Leadership touches. The ways that I see it is that almost an entire school year of preparation can be ruined by just one person that thinks they’re too cool for school spirit. Next year could possibly mark a decade of SWHS Lip Dubs and all that’s preventing that is us, the student body. Those that do care about the Lip Dub should step up and let McCartt know that they are willing to fight for their school pride. Those that don’t care shouldn’t ruin it for others and are free to take a seat and watch from the sidelines.