Madisun Tobisch

Students at SWHS are faced with difficult life decisions.

Edgar Torres, Reporter

Teenagers are thought of as being not fully developed when it comes to thinking for themselves, including their decisions in what’s right or wrong. According to,”As youths’ cognitive, emotional, social development continue to mature, their understanding of morality expands and their behavior becomes more closely aligned with their values and beliefs.”

  Subjects like substance consumption, abortion, and how religion affects these choices are important to teenagers today because it leads to who they will become as an adult.

  Sedro-Woolley High School students are faced with the presence of smoking and drinking. In a Survey given to over 200 SWHS students, more than half of the students believe that smoking and drinking is unacceptable.

   Based on the results of  the survey, most don’t know that one’s religion can affect their decisions or telling what the right or wrong choice may be. Maya Becerra, a senior at SWHS, said, “Everyone’s morals in life are different. Our morals are based off of the environment we grew up in and the current environment we are in.” Becerra is not the only one who thinks that way.

  Senior Lexi Rodriguez-Padilla said, “Religion helps with morals, but you can be a good person with morals and no religion.”

  Another problem teenagers are facing is unplanned pregnancy. A dilemma young people in this situation face is whether or not they should keep the child. When asking 245 students of all grades in SWHS about abortion, more than half of the students who took the survey said they are okay with abortion while 25 percent were opposed to it..

  Becerra does not agree with certain aspects of religion.“If my religion says gay marriage is bad, I would not agree. Personally, I am pretty religious, but I go against some beliefs,” said Bacerra. “I believe you should be able to do whatever you want with your life, it’s your life after all. Of course people are going to judge you if it’s not the ‘norm’, but there’s always going to be people like that.”

 As teenagers inevitably branch out from their parents and become more independent, they make more decisions by themselves. Making the right decisions is important, the things teens do now shape who they will be in the future