The History and Future of Piercings


Photo by Courtney Bawden.

With so many variations of piercings today, it has become it’s own genre of self expression.

Shayleanne Ferguson, Reporter

It is estimated that 72 percent of the pierced population are women nowadays. According to the statistics, the most popular piercing locations are in the ear, nose and naval. 5 percent of people who have piercing do it themselves.

  17 percent of the male population have their ears pierced, either just one ear or both. The right ear is the ear that most homosexuals tend to get pierced more often than the other ear. The earlobes are the number one most popular piercing. The most common age to get ear piercings is between 4 months through 10 years of age. About 19 percent of women in the U.S. have their nose pierced and about 15 percent of guys do, according to body piercing statistics.

  Alex Coleman, a junior at Sedro-Woolley High School, said, “I got my ears pierced when I was just a little baby, it wasn’t really my choice to get it done.” Many girls see someone with their nose pierced and just decide that they want one because it looks cute or good. Some want it so bad and right away that they pierce it themselves or someone else pierces it for them with it not being any professional.

  “My sister had one and I liked it so then I wanted one and got one, my boyfriend pierced it for me,” said Samantha Jewell, a junior at SWHS.

  Senior Hailey Otis has around six piercings and they were all done by herself or her friends. “I’ve never actually gotten my piercings professionally done I just do them all or my friends do them for me,”  said Otis.

  Nostril piercings first became a trend through religious and spiritual beliefs. Mainly in India, the people there believe that piercing the left nostril will help ease pain with menstruation and childbirth. People figuring this out made them want to hop onto this trend of nose piercings right away.

   “I actually really want a nose piercing to add to my style, but I feel like I will get looked at more and feel judged because it’s very uncommon especially at this school for a guy to have a nose piercing,” said freshman Sterling Berg.