Skagit County Car Meet

Alex Morales

Once a month the Stunna group hosts a car meet at different locations around Skagit County. The city floods with car enthusiasts, some commute from hours away.
“People think these car enthusiasts are doing so much wrong in the world by driving a loud car,” said Cody Hilsinger Junior at Sedro-Woolley High School.
The Stunna group was made up of teenagers throughout Skagit County. Six from Sedro-Woolley High School, six from Mount Vernon High School, three from Burlington High School. All students choose to be anonymous unless you come to their shows.
“The Shows Starts around 8pm and usually ends around 10pm as long as law enforcement isn’t called,” Said Alias Sanchez. Local Law enforcement shows up to these shows ensuring there is no illegal activity going on.
“Citizens call local Police Department every time because of loud cars, reckless driving and street racing,” said Tyler Steinbach. As long as law enforcement does not see any illegal activity they will let the show go on.
“These shows are fun, from all the people you meet, music and as the sun sets all the cool cars come out,” said Brandon Weinkauf. Stunna meets are once a month, they choose once a month because the suspense builds up and more people show up rather than just having weekly meets.
“If you are a car enthusiast you won’t be disappointed seeing what Stunna is all about,” Said Silverio Salazar. Stunna has grown to be a popular group among car enthusiasts in the last couple months. With roughly 50 cars at the last meet on April 13.
In a survey conducted at Sedro-Woolley High School, a sample group of 53 students from freshman to senior grade levels indicates that 60.4 percent of students have never been to a car meet.
The Stunna shows are welcome to all builds, there are all makes and models. American cars, European cars, Japanese cars, Swedish cars. Fast cars, slow cars, stanced cars, lifted trucks. Stunna encourages all people to attend their shows and bring friends and family. Everyone is welcome.