“It Was ‘Lit’ Fam”


Luke Frizzel

Luke Frizzel circa 2016-2017 school year.

Luke Frizzel, Reporter

Welp, high school is over and that sucks, so it’s time to profit off this tragedy by writing a report or two about it. High school (or secondary school) is the last form of mandatory education for the adolescents before they go out into the real world; the adolescent in this case being me and the real world being not here.
Freshman year was weird because all of a sudden, I felt really small compared to everyone else. This isn’t an anxiety thing we’re talking here. There were some tall people back in the day. By the end of that year everyone shrank into miniscule flecks of dust that meant nothing, but still it was scary at first. I got a lot of leg pain that year too.
Sophomore year was super boring and depressing and sad because it was this weird transition period where you switch from a kid into an adult and some people switch faster than others, so there’s just generally quite a few people you can’t really connect with which sucks and it’s actually kind of-
Junior year was lit fam.
Senior year – Super duper senior year is okay it’s what’d you expect. You really have nothing to do, you have all your credits and all you have left is super easy but you have no motivation to do it, so your just twiddling your thumbs until graduation day, hoping you don’t trip on your own two feet on the way there.
I’m pretty sure the 2020 class has it harder because they need more credits to graduate, so they’ll actually have to try next year. but to me this year there was almost nothing to do, one fourth of the classes I took this whole year, I actually needed to pass; it wasn’t my most academically proficient year.
All in all, high school was okay, but I’ll probably end up remembering it way better than I should. It’s the time in your life where your only job is to eat and sleep and talk to people all day for free, which is probably better than doing it for not free.