Senior Sentiment


Courtney Bawden

Seniors Llyra Roe and Raven Abridello pose for one of many goodbye photos.

Taylor Deitz, Reporter

The senior class of 2019 is finally coming to an end. There are going to be many people that seniors are going to miss because of that. Seniors must now start saying goodbye or exchange numbers with people they wish to stay in contact with, as some seniors are leaving the state.
“I’m going to miss all of my friends going away to college.” said Haley Nersten, a senior at Sedro-Woolley High School.
Many seniors have been waiting for this time to come, the time where they no longer must wake up at a time when they would rather sleep in. Being done with this chapter in their lives means that the next chapter will be coming soon.
In comparison to seniors opening the next chapter, we have to also look at that teachers may miss them. Watching them grow in their classes for almost four years, for some, are going to miss seeing them around.
“This senior class is the last group of students that I knew before I began teaching full time. I had many of them when I was a student teacher and substitute teacher their freshman year. It feels like the end of an era” said Kathy Chace, a physics teacher at SWHS.
Seniors are always going to be looking back to this place and are going to think about if it was good times or bad. They will remember the people, the classes and the school at some point in their life outside of the school.
“I mean I’m happy to be finishing high school and move into college, but also its sad because everyone is splitting off to different colleges far away,” said Nersten.
For some, the next chapter may be leaving the state. For others, they’re still deciding what they want to study. For all, we have to know that saying goodbye is the next step in their lives.
“I am going to college, Evergreen Beauty College for Cosmetology,” said Nicole Christensen, senior at SWHS.
Some seniors would say that everything seemed to be going slow freshman year and now with graduation right around the corner, seniors are trying to grasp at the time that they want back.
“First semester seemed to be going by kind of slow but once it hit second semester, the rest of the year seemed to fly by. It felt like just yesterday we were about to start senior year and now it’s practically over,” said Nersten
Seniors are moving on with their life and saying goodbye to this part is the first step.
“This senior class will accomplish phenomenal things! They are a confident, talented, passionate group. It is time we set them free,” said Chace.