On To The Next Adventure

Blake King, Reporter

Seniors are just days away from graduation, completely done with high school and off to better things. Since freshman year, they have all been planning and prepping their future lives, and many seniors are eager to share their own plans.
Emmalee Weide is a senior at Sedro-Woolley High School. Weide says she will take a small bit of time off before starting her career.
“I’m going to nanny my cousins before I go into the nursing program,” said Weide. Weide is not going to be just any nurse, She wants to become a Neonatal nurse. “I want to be a Neonatal Nurse because my nephew was born early and I love Grey’s Anatomy,” Weide said.
For those students who are going straight to college, options are wide and opportunity is endless. Senior Adam Cassidy is excited to jump into an entirely new learning environment. Along with sports, Cassidy will be studying for a major at Whitworth University.
“I will attend Whitworth University to study computer science as a major and then minor in youth ministry, while running track,” said Cassidy.
Another student with plans for college is Andrew Seager. “I want to attend the University of Oregon after two years at Skagit Valley Community College.” said Seager.
He also says he wants to be able to strengthen his own business that he has already started. His business includes buliding and working on houses. Seager also mentioned he is underway in finishing one of the houses he was building. Seager’s plans for college are degrees in engineering.
“I’m hoping to to study civil engineering, but if that doesn’t work out, I’m going to be able to fall back onto environmental engineering,” said Seager.
Cole Helgeson is set on going to Bellingham Tech. “‘Cause I want to,” said Helgeson.
Carson Lomsdalen, like many other SWHS 2019 graduates, plans to go to college. She wants to attend Skagit Community to simply get her pre-requsites finished. “I’m going to Skagit to just get my pre-requsites out of the way.” Shortly after that, Lomsdalen plans to move on.
“Then I’ll go to Central for criminal psych. Then I’ll become a cop and continue that career for ten years to then move on as a detective.”
These are just a handful of the opportunities and future plans of this years senior class. We wish them good luck and goodbye as they take their leave from high school.