SWHS Says Goodbye To Longtime Staff Member


Len Ramon

Pictured left to right: Len Ramon, Randy Trueman, Sue Hibma.

Courtney Bawden, Editor

After 46 years of service, Randy Trueman has retired and now, it is time to say goodbye. Straight after his graduation in 1973, Trueman came back to SWHS to become a janitor and has been working here ever since.
Len Ramon, a janitor at SWHS, shares his experience with Trueman,
“The good memory about Randy is that he and I worked together a lot up here around the second floor and our dinner time was just a fun time, just spending time with Randy.”
Ramon has worked with Trueman for four year’s.
“He knew the job very well. He loved his job. He was well-liked by everybody”
Many members and students of the SWHS school district will miss Randy deeply.