Nathan Cooley on four years of service at Sedro-Woolley High School


Nathan Cooley, Reporter

By Nathan Cooley

On the last day of middle school, I entered as an 8th grader and left as a freshman going into my first year of high school. That summer I kept saying to myself that it’s crazy to think that I’m already going to be in high school.

I remember my freshman orientation. It was also the first year we had a cub crew, and I remember how supportive and caring my cub crew mentors were.  A lot of the incoming freshmen I had already known. On my first day of high school I remember waking up and I was really nervous to be starting a new and bigger school, but I knew I had a support system because my older brother was a junior my freshman year.  I had my cub crew mentors, friends, and other staff and students.

My first class of my four-year journey was AVID 9 with Mrs. Johnson. I also had many friends in that class that I knew and that were nervous about high school. After the first couple weeks, I adapted quickly. One of my favorite memories that I will never forget was Friday Night Lights. I loved being in the spirit section. It was so much fun getting to be in there with my friends. We always cheered and yelled till we got headaches, and till we lost our voices. I loved the energy of the spirit section. We were always hyped and I believe we have the best spirit section in the state.

The other thing I love about Friday night lights was listening to our awesome band. They sounded amazing with our amazing band director, Mr. Hendry.  Hearing the band play was, it so cool to see them all in sync with each other. But getting into all games for free was the best part. When I was at the graduation for the class of 2017 I was with my friend. I said to him, we’re almost done with our first year of high school and he said, yeah thats crazy. Then he told me that these next three years are going to go by so fast, and I gave him this look and said I don’t think it will. I thought it would go by slow.

Then my sophomore year ended and I couldn’t  believe that next fall I would be an upperclassmen. I wanted time to slow down. I applied to be a cub crew mentor because I remembered what my experience was like as a freshman and I wanted to make a positive impact on these incoming freshmen beginning their high school journey and the next chapter in their lives.

I remember homecoming week because I was involved with every activity: I did deck the den, worked on our float, participated in the lip sync, and played in the buff puff game. I chose to participate in these activities because I wanted to be closer to the class of 2020 while making new friends and trying new things.

Then the second semester of my junior year flew by so fast. I was sitting in the junior section of the gym watching the moving up assembly, and Mrs. Carlton said “at this time could we have next year’s seniors the class of 2020 please move into the senior section of the bleachers,” and as I sat down I said to myself this doesn’t feel real.  I’m going to be a senior, and I teared up a little bit because it was all happening so fast.

While I was at the graduation for the class of 2019, I said this is going to be me next year. I’ll be the first graduating class of the decade. I couldn’t believe it. That summer I was taking my senior pictures and it was amazing to know that my 13-year journey is coming to an end. We had senior sunrise and we had an amazing turnout. I wouldn’t want to spend my last year with anyone else, I love the class of 2020.

Then it was my last first day of school. I just couldn’t believe that I was a senior in high school. I was a cub crew mentor again  because I enjoyed being a part of it the previous year. I participated in homecoming week for the last time: one last deck the den, buff puff, float, lip sync, and my last homecoming game. We took first overall for homecoming week. We also swept the juniors for buff puff and powder puff.

I was so emotional after my last Friday night lights as a student at Sedro-Woolley High School. I had also been a Camp Orkila counselor my sophomore and junior year. I was really looking forward to being a counselor for the third and final time. We may have lost the chicken fest game, but we won the trophy back from those Tigers. When I found out our school was closing due to the coronavirus outbreak I was heartbroken/devastated.  It just didn’t seem real.

Many of the senior class were worried about what was gonna happen with graduation, hootenanny, senior trip etc.. We all didn’t expect our last year to end like this. Just recently, we received our cap and gowns, tassells, and graduation announcements. I was happy to have received those things. I’m still devastated that we didn’t get the graduation we all wanted.

Soon I am getting ready to go off to college and I am going to miss all the staff and students of Sedro-Woolley High School. What I’ve learned throughout my four-year high school journey is, don’t take anything for granted. Do all your homework on time, don’t be a procrastinator, try new things, and step out of your comfort zone. High School has taught me valuable life skills and life lessons that I will use in the future.  I am so happy to be a part of Sedro-Woolley High School for the past four years. I made so many memories that will last a lifetime, I made many friends that I’ll never forget, and bonds that will never be broken. I wish it would never end, but all things have to come to an end. As this chapter in my life comes to an end another chapter will begin. I will miss my time at Sedro-Woolley High School but I’m excited to see what this next chapter has in store for me.