Makeup is an Important Tool for Self Expression


Graduated senior Ariana Westfall, Kyann Arendse and Hayami Holz showcase make styles and Eyelashes.

Karissa Sanchez, Repoter

   Makeup is exciting, fun, and freeing for so many reasons. Everyone who has experienced makeup for themselves either likes to keep it simple and light, or put their artistic skills to the test and try things outside their comfort zone. When doing your makeup, there are many steps to complete a full face of glam. 


   “My favorite step when doing my makeup is baking,” Said Adryanna Garcia,when asked what her favorite part of doing her makeup is. “When I start baking my face, which is putting the powder on, I just really like how it looks.” 


   Baking is when you put translucent powder on certain parts of your face. This usually is a shade or two lighter than your actual skin color so it will brighten up and highlight your features. You also do this after putting on either your foundation or concealer.


   For some people, it takes them a little while to find what they really like and what actually works for them when doing their makeup.


   “When I started to do my makeup, I was completely lost and had no idea what looked good on me,” Alexis Sok explained. “At first, I didn’t like wearing false eyelashes, mostly because I couldn’t properly put them on. But after some practice, I ended up liking them a lot.”


   False eyelashes can really change your whole makeup look depending on the style of lashes. You can have either natural, dramatic, fluffy, cateye, and many more styles to give you an extra dazzling look.


  Some Don’t like doing eyeshadow, but Sephyah Sanchez, a graduate sure does. 


   “I like to experiment with all the different color pallets and create sunsets on my eyelids, that’s my favorite part,”


   There are so many things that you can create on your eyelids with the colors makeup pallets have been making recently. If you just keep practicing and thinking of creative things, then you can do anything you want with makeup.


   Other people like to keep it simple, but might add a bold lipstick or a sharp eyeliner to balance the whole face.


   “I am not a big fan of putting too much product on my face, so I like to always have black eyeliner on for that cat eye look,” said Estefania Diaz. “Recently, I have been into a dark lip liner to pull everything together.” 


   Doing your eyeliner is a very complex skill to achieve. You have to have a steady hand to get that sharp crisp line, and you need to be careful because any wrong move can mess up your whole makeup look. Once you perfect that skill, definitely be creative and have fun with it.