What it’s really like being a cheerleader.


SWHS cheerleaders pose for a selfie before a football game on September 24.

Lilly Tacker , Reporter

Cheerleaders are the face of school spirit, always dancing  and cheering on the cubs. But what’s really going on behind those smiles? What does it take to be a SWHS cheerleader? 

Being a cheerleader is more than standing in front of a crowd. It takes practice,  coordination, a good attitude and determination.

“I think that many people don’t know how many cheers we have and how hard it can be to remember all of them. With football, winter , and competitive cheer there are all lots of cheers and dances to remember and when to apply them,” said Senior cheerleader Sabrina Smith. 

Practicing and memorizing cheers can take up a lot more of the team’s schedules than people may think.

“I think cheerleading takes up a good portion of my life. We typically practice 4 days a week for an hour and a half and the games on Friday which we are there for about three hours. I also spend my winter doing competitive cheer and winter cheer,’’ said Smith. 

Although it is a lot of work and takes up a big portion of their time, cheerleaders still feel they need to maintain a positive attitude for the crowd, and to set an example.

“I love keeping a positive aura and encouraging people to be their best at all times no matter the circumstance,”  said senior cheer captain Keara Fellers.  

 Last, part of being a cheerleader is having a good public image that influences students into being the best person they can be.   

Being a cheerleader to me is being a role model for others.’’ said senior cheerleader Emily Chavez. Overall, we should appreciate our SWHS cheerleaders, because they put  their best foot forward when it comes leading the cubs in school spirit.