Powder Puff and Buff Puff is Back!

Kyrin Roberson, Reporter

On Saturday October 9th, juniors and seniors participated in a long-lasting tradition at SWHS, Powder Puff and Buff Puff. 

Powder Puff is when girls play flag football, and Buff Puff is when boys play volleyball during homecoming week.

 “It was just something I always wanted to do and I knew it would be a really fun time,” said junior Allyson Tucker. 

The Powder Puff players were coached by the varsity football players, and the Buff Puff players were coached by the varsity volleyball team. 

“The coaches were very helpful. They taught me the rules and how to actually play,” said senior Emmett Mihelich. 

For some, Powder Puff and Buff Puff was a unique experience/learning opportunity.

“I learned everything I know now from the practices. I knew nothing about football before, and now I feel like I have a decent understanding,” said Tucker 

Although the games were fun-filled, there were still some bumps along the way. 

“Our substitutions were a mess,” said Mihelich. 

Troubleshooting with their teams was something that coaches and players all had to work with.

“It was just hard because we never had a practice all together because we had such a big team. None of us had all played together so that was probably the hardest thing to acclimate to,” said Tucker. 

Overall Buff Puff and Powder Puff was a fun experience for this year’s participating juniors and seniors, and the cubs can’t wait for next year.

“The experience and memories was something I was excited for, and it definitely lived up to the expectation,” said Tucker