The Worry of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Russia & Ukraine are clashing all throughout Ukraine as war rages and thousands die every day. In Russia heavy sanctions have been implemented crippling their economy and tanking their currency value to nearly nothing.  

Companies including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Heineken are just some of the latest fleeing Russia. 

  “I believe that the sanctions put on Russia in theory are great because it sends the message that what you are doing is wrong and you can’t keep doing that and need to be held accountable for that, at the same time I think that sanctions just end up hurting the citizens,”said Anna Melnick, a social studies teacher at SWHS said.

As a result of businesses leaving Russia and the sanctions placed on them,  Russia has already lost hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Moscow’s Mayor has confirmed this and believes this is just the beginning. Forecasts have claimed by the end of the year 9 million Russians will become jobless.

“I like the idea of American businesses pulling out but at the same time when they pull out now people don’t have jobs,” said Melnick.

The issue of war with Russia has also reached the students within Sedro-Woolley High School, bringing concern of what may happen to our world. 

Jacob Acton a Student at Sedro-Woolley high school and a concerned citizen worries that Putin specifically is condemning his country.

“These sanctions are crippling to the Russian peoples and there must be another way.”

 He, like many others in our nation, thinks that the war within Russia has reached not only the U.S, but also many other countries in hopes that they will stop the war. BBC News posted an article about what types of sanctions have been put on Russia. 

Bans on dual-use goods which would include any item with both civilian and military use such as vehicle parts- Being implemented by the UK, US, and EU. Ukraine claims that Russia’s main armored vehicle factory has run out of parts to make and repair tanks. It also claims a tractor plant has stopped production because of a shortage of foreign-made parts.

 Military goods and trades aren’t the only thing being cut off from Russia. All Russian flights have also been banned from UK, US, EU and Canadian air travel. The UK is also banning private jets chartered by Russians. Well what does this mean for the global economy, these same bans on trading with Russia will send cascading effects through the rest of the globe. While predicting anything is complicated, it’s even more difficult when we are facing a possible world war.

Still, some think that the effects will not be balanced across the board, their will be some winners and losers. These restraints on Russia could lead to an economic downfall, not just for Russia, but for others such as the U.S. with gas prices rising to record high numbers and only getting worse