Wild Strawberries album review


Art by: Tessa Smith

Christian Felner, professionally known as Felly, is a young rapper from Trumbull, Connecticut. In August of 2017 he released a new album called “Wild Strawberries”, his fourth album since the start of his career.

  Wild Strawberries was released on August 18th of 2017 and features other artists such as Trip Carter, Frex, and Gyyps, a long-time friend and recurring musical guest to Felly’s work. It contains 15 new songs, including hits “Bag Season”, “Wide Angle”, and “Oceans V2”.

  “I started listening to him in 2015,” says Riley Bushong, a Junior at Concrete High School. “I think that it [Wild Strawberries] sounds really nice, I can see some of his old work and techniques in it, but at the same time it’s very different.”

  “This new LP finds Felly getting pretty experimental with his sounds, blending multiple genres and sounds into a complex, enriching aural ecosystem that you can get lost in if you’re not careful,” writes Matt F on HotNewHipHop, a hip hop and R&B featuring website. “You can hear the hip-hop influences for sure, but there’s a strong touch of reggae in there as well to go along with some electro and afro-style dance beats to boot.”

  The 22-year-old artist first started on YouTube as Felnuts, where he posted ameteur videos until moving on to post to SoundCloud, an online musical organization for artists to post and promote their work. Since 2011, Felly has shared six albums, two of which were completely instrumental including “All Beats For Sale” (2011) and “Sun God” (2014).

  Felly’s music was largely influenced by the music he listened to as a child and teen. He has said to have listened to a lot of rap, hip hop, and reggae.

  “I started off listening to a lot of reggae music and I got into sampling like hip-hop,” Felly said to XXLMag. “Bob Marley is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.”

  Felly is a very motivated artist and comes out with new songs consistently. Wild Strawberries can be streamed on Itunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud along with all of his other works.