SWHS Takes a Break From Electronics

Courtney Bawden, Photo Editor

There is a new cell phone policy at Sedro-Woolley High School. the new rule enforces a

zero tolerance for phones being out in class. If you are caught with your phone out during class, the teacher can dial “0” and have someone come and confiscate it to the office for the rest of the day. The only time you can have your phone out is during passing periods, lunch, and if an instructor allows it. Many SWHS students think that this rule is ridiculous.

 Emily Johnson, a sophomore at SWHS, believes the rule does affect her and she thinks students should be able to go on their phones. “It’s effective, but from a student point of view, it’s very inconvenient. Not because I want to be on my phone, but because I need to check lunch schedules, reply yes to my orthodontist appointment in a text message, etc. And it’s a hassle to call parents to confirm you’re taking the bus home.”

 Zoe Slabodnik, junior, argues a different view. “I think it is a good idea to have no phones in class because they are big distractions and interfere with learning.”

 Junior Stephanie Amaro agrees with Slabodnik: “I don’t really care because we can use them in the hallway and at lunch. So it is not completely taken away from us, but I do wish we could listen to music in class.”

 Physics teacher Zach Pope, also agrees that the rule is very effective.“Before the policy, students were on their phones almost constantly, with the policy in place I am seeing much more student engagement in class.”
 Junior Hallie Simpson feels she was responsible with her phone usage while the previous rule was in place, and feels inconvenience by the new policy.

Some students feel very strongly one way or another. “I hate it because I can’t check my grades in class when I’m bored or google words I don’t know while reading a text,” said junior Ariel Resnik.

 Denisse Lopez, junior, thinks the rule is great. “I think it’s awesome. I’ve noticed more people paying attention in class because they aren’t being distracted every five minutes by their phones. If every school could do this, grades would automatically be higher all of the time.”

All together, most SWHS students and teachers agree with the phone policy. Even if it can be frustrating to not be able to take out their phones, it would seem that the majority of students think that it is for the best.


Madisun Tobisch Students can expect to see more teachers dialing zero.