Changes to This Year’s Yearbook Expected to Please


Courtney Bawden

The entire yearbook team scrambles to meet new deadlines in an attempt to appeal to consumers, eager to relive the school year’s events.

Holly Cliffton, Reporter

It wouldn’t be spring at Sedro-Woolley High School without the annual feeling of stress and anxiety oozing out of the yearbook room. Students in yearbook are put under a lot of pressure as the due dates for pages and the whole yearbook gets closer.
This year the yearbook team is pushing to have the yearbook done before May, so that students can get it before the end of the school year rather than next year. The sooner release date has resulted in new challenges for both senior Anevay Ashmore and yearbook advisor Steve McCartt, who agree that the most stressful thing about yearbook is meeting the deadlines and understanding them.
The yearbook deadlines are coming very soon and students and staff are stressing about the deadlines and how they will have their page completed in time to have it properly edited, and ready in time to go in the yearbook.
“The most stressful thing is making sure the pages are all done by deadline. If one page is late, all the pages are late,” said Ashmore.
Frustrations grow as deadlines get closer and McCartt believes that quality should not have to be sacrificed for the sake of time.
“It shouldn’t be a rushed job and sometimes people don’t plan ahead and then they are trying to throw it all together at the end,” said McCartt. “Students are wanting to do the assignments to get the grades, not for the experiences that come with the assignment and the class.”
Instead of coming in fall of the 2019-2020 school year, the yearbook is being delivered in spring, before school is out for summer. The yearbook will have a space to put an insert page that will come out later on that will feature graduation and other end of year activities.
Mccartt believes that students, and especially the graduating class of 2019, are very excited about the new feature of the yearbook as well as the fact that they will not have to come back in the Fall of the 2019-2020 school year to get their yearbook.