Painting A New Trend


Courtesy of Avery Wagner

Lexani Brown shows off her shorts that she decorated with song lyrics.

Avery Wagner, Reporter

The painted shorts trend is coming back into style just like many other throwback styles such as scrunchies, mom jeans, chunky tennis shoes, and more.
Many students at Sedro-Woolley High School have been spicing up their denim for the sunny days by customizing it with painted images.
This trend originally started popping up on social media apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, and VSCO and has spread like wildfire.
Many students at Sedro-Woolley High School such as Junior Lexani Brown and Sophomore Elaina Fowler spoke on the topic to develop a deeper understanding
Upon asking what made them decide to paint their shorts Brown said, “I was bored and saw it on Insta and I’ve always liked painting.
“Fowler mentions the artistic side of things and how painting her clothes gives her a chance to stand out
“I really like being unique and painting a one of a kind custom pair of pants is a great way to express myself and be different., said Fowler.”
However, permanently changing one’s clothes may seem intimidating; Sedro-Woolley high school students have some tips and tricks.
Some tips for those aspiring to paint and customize their clothing according to Fowler would be to “paint whatever makes you happy or what represents you best,” while Brown says it is best to “paint it all white first then blow dry your base layer and paint away.”
This trend has definitely caught the eyes of many students at Sedro-Woolley High-School.
Junior Alexa Lynn says ,“I believe it’s a really cool way to re-purpose beat up shorts and really make them your own, I’m too nervous to mess up any of my shorts though.”
While it may not be for everyone, the opportunities are endless on what to paint and that’s one of the things that makes customizing denim so much fun, the idea that no one else will have a pair exactly the same.
Junior Lexani Brown decided to paint lyrics with a scenery background on her short pockets “because I love nature and music” while Fowler decided on little blue butterflies up her pant leg.
With all of these options and endless possibilities to express yourself, hopefully the trend will continue to give students and teens a positive outlet for creativity.