Joker Hits Box Office With Mixed Reviews


The back story of the famed “Batman” villain has received mixed reviews since it’s opening. Critics claim that it’s violent scenes may be excessive.“Joker | Fanart” by Gerardo Lisanti, Via Creative Commons.

The drama/thriller movie, “Joker”, has brought up many arguments about how close the violence in the film leans to issues faced in the real world.
According to Common Sense Media, specifically Jeffery M. Anderson, “Led by Phoenix’s ferocious, feral performance, this especially dark, gritty comic book movie is a character drama that’s more drawn toward real world troubles than to capes and crusading.”
A lot of people seem to think that the Joker movie will influence people to be irresponsible and use disturbing behavior and language.
Mark Knighton, a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal says, “Controversy, shock and taboo are all tools of cynical commerce, sometimes to sociopathic extremes. The question before us is not whether society should limit the artist but whether artists have any call to use their gifts to elevate society.”
Knighton is supported by many people for his argument that maybe the artist who created the Joker should have used his skills to include something to elevate society instead of adding so many disturbing elements. Many people have said that the Joker movie was very good, interesting and brilliant but that there was more violence and horror than they expected to see in the movie.
“Smothering with Pillow, Scissors Stabbing, disturbing, malevolent, perverse. Don’t understand why someone would play down the violent scenes in this movie … it IS violent and disturbing as I have listed in my title….for goodness sake bring to kids something else…there are NO superheroes in this movie…I feel sorry for the kids who were let into the movie theatre expecting a superhero that didn’t show up,” said a viewer from Common Sense Media.