Esports is more than just ‘video games’


Romel Saragena.

Esports coach Zack Pope offers advice to students who compete in a plethora of online games. The club has become increasingly popular in it’s few short years at SWHS.

Romel Saragena, Reporter

In Sedro-Woolley High School’s Esports club, there are gamers being loud, communicating to each other, and trying to beat other schools to win tournaments.
There are multiple games in SWHS Esports such as: “Overwatch”, “Rocket League”, and “Super Mario Smash Bros.”
In the “Overwatch” team, they have won two tournaments and lost two so far this year. Most people play one of these games, but some people, like freshman Cooper Davidson, who plays three games for Esports.
“I play ‘Smash Ultimate’, ‘Rocket League’, and ‘Overwatch,’” said Davidson. “At home I play ‘Destiny 2’ as my main game.”
Davidson doesn’t just play for fun, he is trying to be competitive. In the future of playing Esports, he wants to try and get a scholarship for gaming.
“I’m hoping in the next three to four years of high school, I can get a scholarship for gaming,” said Davidson.
There are other gamers who just play one game for Esports like junior Kaiden Baker-Ellis. He is a varsity player who plays ‘Overwatch” for Esports. Davidon and Ellis are on the same team and play together.
“I play video games like Overwatch and compete against other schools.” said Baker-Ellis.
He may only play “Overwatch” for Esports, but at home, he plays lots and lots of games. He plays so many games but chooses to play Overwatch. “My friend told me to sign up to play,” said Ellis
The gamers like Davidson and Ellis all have a coach who helps them play better. In “Overwatch”, their coach is Zach Pope. He is a varsity coach for “Overwatch” and a physics teacher for Sedro-Woolley High School.
“I like the idea of Esports and ‘Overwatch’ is what I best know,” said Pope
He has been coaching for two years for Esports and really seems to enjoy coaching the “Overwatch” team.
He helps the players improve on their skills and shows them plays to focus on. Some people might get angry sometimes, but Pope tries to keep a positive attitude, environment, and have a fun time.
“I try to give players feedback on things they can improve on. We pick a focus skill and have a positive environment.” said Pope.