Mr. Turner Turns Heads


Madisun Tobisch

Words of Encouragement, Mr. Turner smiles as he engages with passing students.

Katie Helgeson, Reporter

The halls of Sedro-Woolley High School are not missing the positive and energetic feeling brought to students by math teacher, Brett Turner.
Turner gives students the laugh or encouragement that they may need for the next class or even in general. The students passing by his room have nothing but smiles about what he has to say.
“It’s enthusiasm that you don’t get from any other teacher,” said sophomore Sarah Garmon.
Although it’s hard to believe,the halls used to be nothing but normal.
“It started by saying ‘welcome to class’ to people and then I decided that there were also people that weren’t coming to class,” said Turner.
Turner has affected a lot of kids whether it is small or big. Based on a survey sent out to 132 SWHS students, 89.4 percent of students agree that Turner has positively impacted their day.
“I feel encouraged and it helps me not feel so overwhelmed,” said freshman Emery DeJong.
This is not his main focus though, as Turner just wanted to make people laugh.
“Some people say it actually does make them feel better about whatever class they are going to, but otherwise I hope it is just a cheery kinda energetic thing,” said Turner.
Although his main focus was just to make students smile, some of these students really do find a lot of encouragement in what he says.
“Mr.Turner gives me the motivation I need to get through the day,” said freshman Jacob Deterding.
No matter how students take his words as they walk down the halls, the vast majority of students are beyond grateful for the time he takes to do it.
“I get to see and interact with a lot of students that I don’t normally get to see and interact with, which is nice,” said Turner. “So that I don’t just get to talk to people that are just my personal students I get to see a lot of different people.”