Annual Bellingham Festival Puts Students in the Spotlight


Heartbeaker stole the hearts of judges and peers during the 2010 Guerilla Film Project.

Every year, youth in Washington state receive the opportunity to display their passion for filmmaking and cinema in a 65-hour competition. The Guerrilla Film Project, an event hosted by Bellingham’s Pickford Film Center, gains the attention of promising high school filmmakers throughout the state.
Steve McCartt, the cinematography teacher of Sedro-Woolley High School, is a fan of the festival and the opportunities it represents.
“It makes for a long, hard, stressful weekend, but the reward of having peers see and vote on your work is inspiring,” said McCartt.
SWHS can often be found at the film festival, winning in 2010 with the film Heartbeaker; a short film in which a group of heartbroken girls take revenge on the boys who wronged them.
“Every year I am amazed at the talent these young filmmakers put into their films,” said McCartt.
This year, the competition took place on February 16. The winners were from the Skagit Valley Running Start Program. The team “Uh” took home first place with their short film, “Magic Mirror.”
The premiere began at noon on the 16, with results being announced and prizes distributed the same day.
Two teams from SWHS entered this years competition. Seniors Shauna Flores and Asia McDermott were on a team with junior Bryce Abbott with their film. Juniors Emily Redling and Megan Bawden were on a team with freshmen Emersen Wagner and Nadia Mazonson.