Finding her Voice


Senior Serina Wilson was a four-year choir student as well as editor of the Cub Newspaper.

High School has been one of the largest milestones in my life. I came into my freshman year scared, shy, and unprepared for what was to come. I didn’t have a true passion at that time, so I took a bunch of random classes trying to find where I fit it. There was one classroom that I walked into and I instantly felt that I belonged there and would be supported through everything.

This was the class on my schedule that I was most nervous about, but the teacher made sure to have a personal connection with each of his students. He knew that each of his students had their own personal situations and he showed them that they could trust him with anything.

Before the second semester he suggested that I move up to a more advanced class and I took him up on that offer instantly. I studied the materials that would grant me access and I got in. Walking into the new class the next semester was more nerve wracking than high school itself. I felt as if I didn’t belong and it seemed that my classmates were upset that there was a freshman among them.

I worked hard to please them and not take their spotlight. I stayed quiet. I was seated next to a girl I wouldn’t realize would become not only my mentor, but also one of my best friends. She heard my potential and pushed me to express myself more. She pushed me to audition for solos and not care what the others thought.

As the semester went on, those around me became some of the most influential people I would meet. They taught me some of the most important lessons I could have learned. One taught me to be the leader that I could be. One taught me to always keep a smile on my face and always try to male others laugh. One taught me how hard work would pay off in the end. One taught me to break the mold. Without these people in mylife I don’t know how I would’ve gotten to where I am today.

The thing about this that sticks out to me is that I only took the class in my first semester to fill space in my schedule. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the class. I didn’t expect such an amazing support system from my classmates. I didn’t expect to be someone others looked up to.

As the years of high school went on I moved through my personal vocal range and discovered the things I could do with my voice. I learned how to control and push it into different tones and notes. I learned confidence. Choir is where I found a family. I found where I belonged and I made some of the greatest friends and memories there. Yes, there were times where I wanted to drop the class. Yes, there were times I couldn’t stand my classmates, but I loved that class. I grew in so many ways and I’m glad I gave that class a chance.