Learning From More than Books


Brandon Rios at the Sedro-Woolley June 4, 2020 graduation celebration at Sedro-Woolley hIgh School.

I’m Brandon Rios and about to be graduating in a very different way just like all other seniors across the country. My time at Sedro-Woolley High School was pretty okay. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a day where school ever really made me sad, and I know how boring that sounds.

I had a lot of good times, especially football, and I’m glad I did get my one and only senior sport in. A lot of our teachers here are very understanding people and are honestly some of the best teachers I’ve had, so it wasn’ that bad going to school, except for forgetting there was homework due or a test that day and not preparing for it.

One of my hardest struggles at school was coming back after my shoulder surgery on my dominant side, so it was pretty hard to write for about a month and still I had teachers helping me out any way they could. Whatever you hear or have heard about teachers, don’t listen to it and form your own opinion about them before you come to any conclusion.

Also relationships can wait. I’m not saying not to get in one, just don’t rush into one, you have the rest of your life to find someone who will make you happy. This is just coming from someone who has learned about a lot more than from just a textbook about life.