Art Comes Alive During Coronavirus


Picture by sophomore Cody Hankins. He began a project to paint the entire alphabet with the first letter of movie titles. Here is J!

Zowee Landingham asked sophomore Cody Hankins about the artwork that kept him busy for some of distance learning:

I’m picking movie posters to paint because I love movies and I have a big empty space on my wall above my bed so I wanted to fill it with pictures of movies I love.  At first I had only painted about two times outside of Mr. Williams’ art class, but I thought it was really fun so shortly after school got out I tried painting on paper.  I didn’t have good supplies so my mom ordered some and I’ve been painting periodically over quarantine.  I really just got into painting by looking at other people’s art work. I mainly just drew for a long time but I wanted to try something different, so I tried painting.  It has helped me pass time during quarantine by letting me do art and practice so I can improve my skill.