Olivia Elias Racing to Poet Laureate

Olivia Elias Racing to Poet Laureate

Faith Simon, Editor

    Olivia Elias –  junior class president at Sedro-Woolley high school, youth of the year for Boys and Girls Club, and member  of the Sedro-Woolley Band – is now one of  three students recognized as a Skagit Student Poet Laureate, a program through the Skagit River Poetry Foundation.     

    She was chosen alongside Lucy Shanin and Octavia Prosser. Elias was interviewed by KSVR on September 17 for her accomplishments, and  hopes this interview will get her more out into the world. 

    The reason she applied for the Poet Laureate position was the overwhelming support from her English teacher and friends. She hopes that she can get some feedback from others and get her voice out.

     When asked how she juggles school and extracurricular activities, Elias responded, “I honestly go with the flow with life as a whole and I think that helps. You also have to realize how much time you actually have in the day and that has been a struggle for me before.”

    She also says it helps to take breaks and enjoy something that you like. She wants to become an astronomer for N.A.S.A. in the future, she said on KSVR. Elias also spoke about her personality.  

    ”I am very down to earth, so if anyone ever needs someone to have a little chat or just needs someone to listen, I am a super open-minded and won’t judge. I am also an activist for many things and always down to learn more about many topics.”

     Elias is always there to help others in need.