Fighting for Our Future; Group Rallies for Climate Action


Bella Rinne

Moses Marlin (left), Anja Roozen, Zoe Slabodnik and Karen Russell are seen holding signs in front of the Mount Vernon courthouse.

Bella Rinne, Editor in Chief

Protesters gathered outside the Mount Vernon courthouse on September 25th, standing against the pouring rain and gusts for a climate strike.

At 10 a.m., Zoe Slabodnik, Anja Roozen, Moses Marlin and Karen Russell could be seen holding signs that read “Fight 4 Future” and “There is no Planet B”.  Many passerby’s waved or honked in support.

We are here to say what our communities deserve. What we deserve and our children deserve. ”

— Natalie Lahr

The protest was organized by the Sunrise Movement, a national youth movement founded in 2017. The groups focus is on political action on climate change, such as the Green New Deal.

Protesters received many honks of support by passing traffic. (Bella Rinne)

Sunrise has hubs all over the country, including one in Bellingham that Sedro-Woolley High School junior Anja Roozen is a part of.

When asked why she protested, Roozen’s main goal was to draw more young people to the cause.

“We hope that young people will be inspired to help out the planet, and create positive change for generations to come,” said Roozen.

The group ended their protest with a march around downtown Mount Vernon and several speeches.

Roozen, along with fellow junior Natalie Lahr were among those who took up the megaphone to voice their message.

“We are calling for our city, county and state governments to commit to going carbon-free and be transitioned to 100% renewable energy by 2030.” Lahr said during her speech.

Lahr believes youth should not sit and let our futures be decided for us.

“If our demands are ignored and our voices are silenced, we will be back and we will continue to fight. Because at this point what more do we have to lose?” Lahr said.