The new Super Club of the EPL

Max Hynds , Reporter

Soccer lovers everywhere are worried about Newcastle’s new stance in the English Premier League (EPL) after their new ownership deal worth billions. 

Many wonder if this could change how teams operate. With the new owner of Newcastle now making the club worth £320 billion pounds, now the most expensive club in the EPL in front of Manchester City whose worth is £23.3 billion pounds according to

“I’m a bit worried about Newcastle becoming a super expensive, money spending super club,” said senior Max Porter, “because there is no spending cap like other leagues have, they could just buy whoever they want, whenever they want.” 

Not only is the soccer world ready to see how the money changes their teams, but some are more worried about how this will change soccer as a whole. The curiosity of how money is going to change Newcastle brings up the question of how this changes how teams operate. 

“I can say as a person who grew up watching the legends like Giggs and Rush that I have concern over how this will affect old school soccer and how we construct our teams,” said Skagit Valley College assistant soccer coach George Kissas. “If this deal shows that all you need is a rich owner to be a successful squad then we know money runs soccer not the people who love it.”

With many superstar contracts ending in the soccer world many speculate who and when Newcastle will sign. They have enough money to buy any player they want and then some more.

“Newcastle is gonna climb to the top of the league so fast in the upcoming years just due to the fact that they can buy literally whoever they want,” Jose Santos, a freshman at Western Washington University said. “They can buy Mbappe next year and just rebuild around him and they are instantly a top contender.”