Woodfest Comes To Sedro-Woolley

Ariana Westfall, Reporter

Vendors from all over the county and Students in the CTE program at Sedro-Woolley High School that participated in this year’s Woodfest were all part of the schools welding, auto shop, woodshop, sports medicine, FFA, AMPED, E-sports, FCCLA, and greenhouse programs, presenting their current class projects.

Woodshop presented cutting boards and wooden boxes handmade and designed by students, FFA and landscaping sold flowers and plants of all kinds within our school’s greenhouse.

“I believe Woodfest was a huge success!” Junior Michael Johnson said. “So much learning took place. The learning of kids growing plants, but also our FFA leaders help sell the plants. It was really cool seeing our nursery and landscape team help customers know what plants were best for their property.”

E-sports showed off their gaming skills, computers, and editing skills with green screens to the community. Sedro-Woolley’s AMPED program had students design, create, and sell t-shirts and hoodies with the school’s logo, the sports medicine class presented our school’s health and wellness options along with CPR training, and FCCLA conducted a fundraiser for the purchase of feminine products to be distributed within our school bathrooms.

Erin Pierce was another student participant this year with our FCCLA group and tells us about her experience, “My favorite part about Woodfest was being able to serve the community food and drinks, and then putting the donation money toward our project this year.” Peirce says.

Welding and auto shop students also participated by bringing project cars and working on projects within our shops to show the community what skills students learn in these provided classes.

Many small businesses within the county participated in the festival as well, selling their handmade products to our community.
Allison Sandon, the creator of Wax & Wick Candle Company, was one of the many vendors participating in this year’s Woodfest.

“This was my first year coming to the festival, and I absolutely love it,” Sandon says, “I love seeing all the other vendors and students coming together to share and sell their products. I will definitely be coming back next year.”

Northwest Corner Woodworkers Association or NCWA was one of the big company founders for the creation of Woodfest.

“We as a company have been participating in Woodfest for about 20 to 25 years, and we love it more and more every time we come back. Before covid, we would bring in professional woodworkers and have them teach classes to the community on how to prep and carve wood. We make many products, from wooden bowls and spoons to dreidels and boxes. We absolutely love what we do.”

This year’s festival was very successful since it is the first open event since covid. There were many smiling faces and community members coming together to celebrate our students and small businesses within the county.

“I’m so happy that we can have everyone come together again and have events like this, it truly makes me happy to see such a crowd. I can’t wait to come back.” Says President of NCWA Woodworks Greg Koenker.