The 2022-23 ASB Positions are Filled


Current ASB president Jamie Bartok (12) and vice president Lily Devries (12) announce the winners of each ASB position

Cruz Trevithick, Staff Reporters

The Race for ASB came to an end on Friday March 25 with the results being announced on Monday March 28 in a special assembly that was held to declare the winners and the candidates for ASB.
Running unopposed Landon Steele will be the Sophomore Class President for class of 2025. Steele will be taking on this role again for his second time, as he was also the Freshman class president for his class.
“I am excited to get this opportunity to represent the class of 25 again. We are a big crew and I think we can make our mark on Woolley High,” said Steele
Landon is excited to take on this important role once again. With one year under his belt, he says he is experienced and ready for this next school year.
“I’m excited for our shot at winning homecoming this year. I think we have enough volunteers and with the right ideas we can do. We have three years left and have to make them count,” Steele also added.
Also running unopposed is Cruz Trevithick. Trevithick will be the Junior class president for class of 2024. She will be taking on the role of class president for her third year. She has been class president since her freshman year and is definitely ready to tackle another school year in this position.
The real election that took place was for senior class president and ASB president. These roles are both going to be filled by seniors for the next school year.
Senior class president was a close race until the very end. The senior candidates had spent a month before election day campaigning to gain future votes. Candidates included Erin Pierce (11), Ashlynn Riggans (11), and Emma Madox (11). On the following Monday, after the final election speeches, Pierce was awarded the positon of senior class president for the class of 2023. Her winning speech was very enthusiastic and passionate and is what helped her win the election.
“I will do everything in my power to bring back positivity among peers and boost spirit in our school,” said Pierce in her speech.
Pierce will take over the position of senior class president at the beginning of the next school year. She will be in charge of tasks such as planning homecoming and being the voice of her class.
The election for ASB President was also happening at the same time as the senior class president election. There were only two candidates that ran for this position and they were Ava Wesson (11) and Emilee Workman Smith (11). Both girls have previous ASB status with Workman Smith being the Cultural Ambassador and Wesson Being the Activities Coordinater. Both girls had great speeches that showed great promise. On the following Monday, after the two gave their speeches, Wesson was awarded the position. Her speech was well written and well received by the student body.
“I have put a lot of my time towards the ASB and being president I would only put more time than I already have, making it one of my top priorities,” said Wesson in her election speech.
With the class presidents and ASB president roles filled all that is left is the elections for class vice presidents, and the other ASB council roles.
The elections will take place shortly after spring break. The applications will be passed out on Tuesday April 11. Once all elections are over the new ASB council for the 2022-2023 school year will be filled.
With some returning ASB Officers on the council Sedro-Woolley High School students can expect to have a very fun and activity-filled year next school year especially because so many more events can go on with Covid regulations slowly diminishing. With restrictions lifting the fun things that lots of people have missed will be returning to Sedro-Woolley High School.