SWHS Presents: Jekyll’s Hydes


Cast of Jekyll’s Hydes attempt to retrieve Henry Jekyll’s notebook.

Flynn Cook, Reporter


    Sedro-Woolley drama club brings production of “Jekyll’s Hydes” to life

   During the last week of October, the Sedro-Woolley drama department performed the play “Jekyll’s Hydes,” a story about a young science student whose different personalities are revealed after drinking a special concoction.

   Starring Lawrence Bedwell as Henry Jekyll, the crew started strong on Wednesday the 26th and gave their final bow on the 29th. With memorable characters and lots of gags, the performers had the audience captivated and engaged. 

   The play also brought attention to more serious topics, such as social anxiety. Represented by Annabelle Drake’s character, Lillian Lanyon, they were able to bring attention to the issue and the surrounding characters helped by supporting and directing. 

   The play included a variety of characters, such as the basketball crew, led by Lilly Swenson as 12, the science enthusiasts, such as Alyssa Baybak as Cindy, friend of Henry Jekyll, Poole, played by Leah Litke, and many more aspiring actors. 

   Months of hard work and dedication to the characters cultivated an entertaining production, once again showcasing the talented students here at Sedro-Woolley High School.