SWHS’s The Sun//Aram is on the Rise


The Sun//Aram poses after a set taken by Alexis Rigby

By Walking into the dimly lit room, fog fills the air. The purple and turquoise lights light up the stage of The Blue Room in Bellingham with The Sun//Aram. Just then, Ahren Resnik starts playing guitar with Gabe Sodl following behind on vocals and guitar, Kenton Saunders on the bass guitar, and Brad Greenough on the drums.
“I just love making stuff with those guys,” said Gabe Sodl, lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Sun//Aram. “Everyone involved are my best friends and they’re all great musicians. Everyone is so good at what they do and simultaneously so casual about it but at the same time. We’re all still very much amateurs and constantly learning.”
The sounds of all the instruments together make for a wonderful and exciting experience. Their music genre is always changing, taking inspiration from Deftones, Frank Sinatra, Mount Eerie, and many more. They truly lit up the stage with their showmanship.
A long time friend and fan of the band, Josh Werner, has been to every single one of the shows.
“They uphold and keep great, fun energy with such talent in what they do,” said Werner. “I always love it and every experience I have with their shows is always absolutely great.”
Resnik and Sodl have played music together since 5th grade.
“Technically me and Ahren were both in orchestra together when we were both in fifth to eighth grade, said Sodl. “But we didn’t start really playing music on our own until ninth grade.”
Resnik, Sodl and Saunders had a band with some other friends pre-pandemic. In Sodl’s words, they were, “very bad at the start… although we stuck with it. Once the one fell apart, we talked to Brad, who I knew and had played with briefly, and got this band together.”
They are a newer band, only playing together since March of 2022. But so far, according to Werner, “they are on the upward curve of success.”
One of their favorite shows they’ve played was The Blue Room in July.
“We played with some really great bands, and all of our friends and family were there,” said Sodl. “The atmosphere of the place was great overall.”
But sometimes not everything goes according to plan.
“I will admit I was the most nervous for that one,” said Sodl. “We forgot our cymbals before soundcheck, so the whole dynamic was way off when we were running through songs before the show.”
But in the end, everything worked out. In Sodl’s words, it felt like, ”Oh my god, this is actually working.”
Sun//Aram has a show coming up on December 17th at the AmpYule Bizarre in Anacrotes. They are also in talks with a recording studio they visited over the summer, so keep an eye out for new music coming soon.
Sodl has appreciated the fan base.
“I’d like to thank everyone for listening and coming to the shows,” he said. “It’s been a crazy year for us, but I’m looking forward to whatever we do next.”