Are Students Satisfied With School Start Times?

   Seattle’s school schedules are changing so the start time happens one hour later so that buses are able to provide transportation for all the students. Should Sedro-Woolley’s school’s start and end times be adjusted as well? “It could be adjusted one hour because teenagers need more hours of sleep,” says Lawrence Bedwell, a senior student at SWHS.                                          

   Most teenagers are always tired in the morning, which makes it difficult to participate in class and makes it harder to get a good education. “Teenagers need more hours of sleep compared to young kids who need less hours,” said Bedwell.

    Other students dislike the school start and end times because it just seems too early to start school and have to pay attention when tired.

    “I’m always tired in the morning, which makes me struggle in class,” says Bedwell. 

    Not everyone feels the same as Bedwell, though. Others enjoy the start and end times how they are. “I like it,” says William Cornelius, a teacher who educates students on math at SWHS. “I like having more daytime out of school as a teacher.” This means that some teachers like having the school start time the way it is right now, also some students like it too “I’m happy with it because it gives me time to do stuff in the morning,” says Madison Franklin; a senior at SWHS.

    The school day does start early, but that does give the teachers and the students more daytime out of school. “The time when school is out is pretty nice, I think the schedule is fine,” Franklin expresses.

    Franklin, unlike other students, thinks that the school start and end times are actually very useful. “I like the start/end time for school because it gives me time to work in class while learning in that said class.”

   Some students are tired in the morning, but others are just fine. Does this have to do with students’ sleep schedules?

   “I believe it’s understandable for students to be tired, but I feel like they should manage their time better so they can work on their education,” Franklin explains. “If Seattle is changing their school times, I hope they have enough time to work on their education and homework like we do.”