Hispanic Culture

 I asked Sedro-Woolley High School student’s, how their hispanic culture is in their household.

  There’s a lot of different celebrations hispanics have. These were the main ones the students picked.

   “We celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and Rosca,” said Katherine Cuevas, a Junior at SWSD. 

    Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) is celebrated on November 1 and 2. It’s a day to celebrate the life of their loved ones. They have picnics in the cemetery where their loved ones rest. 

    November 1 is for the “Angelitos.”  It’s dedicated for the children and November 2 is for the adults. La Rosca is a celebration for Los Reyes Magos and El niño Jesús. Every January families get together to cut rocas. It’s like sweet bread and inside the bread there’s little baby Jesus spreaded around. If you cut your slice of bread and there’s a baby Jesus you have to make tamales!

   “Our most popular celebrations are most likely Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day,” said Alexia Ceja, a Sophomore at SWSD. Cinco De Mayo is a celebration for the victory Mexico had in the battle with France. Mother’s day is a day where you celebrate your mother. In Mexico it’s a very important celebration!

    The next question was what was the students around the school’s favorite meal?  

   “The meal’s we make are definitely Pozole and Taco’s!” Said Meleny Lamas, a Junior at SWSD. Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup or stew. There are many different types of pozoles, for example, Rojo (red), Blanco (white), and Verde (green). Taco’s is one of the most popular meals. There are many different types of tacos like Tacos De Birria, De Carne Asada, and De Pescado.              

   “We make ceviche, tamales and birria,” said Katherine Cuevas. Ceviche is a seafood meal. It’s made with cut cubes of raw fish, lime for some flavor, cut cubes of tomatoes , onions and more vegetables. Tamales are also another popular meal.               

The real question is what are their favorite meals?

A warm soup and that’s kind of spicy, pozole! Meleny Lamas said it’s a 10/10 and her favorite meal!

    Enchilada’s are warm cooked tortillas; inside it there are different kinds of meat, cheese, beans, and more! With this meal you can add soup cream on top, queso fresco, and more! Alexa Ceja said that dish is her personal favorite.

   A cold and fresh seafood ceviche. It’s a meal with raw fresh fish or shrimp. Also mixed with  small blocks of tomato, cilantro, and onions. Katherine Cuevas it’s her favorite meal!